15-0-4 Fertilizer with Grubout Insecticide


This product is available in a 50 lb. bag.

Andersons 15-0-4 Fertilizer is a versatile turfgrass treatment designed to combat a wide array of soil-dwelling pests, from chafers and beetles to weevils and crickets. Suitable for use in diverse settings such as residential areas, educational and healthcare facilities, municipal and commercial properties, recreational sites, and more, it ensures effective pest control and healthy turf maintenance across various landscapes.




The Andersons 15-0-4 Fertilizer offers a comprehensive solution for the control of a variety of soil-inhabiting pests that can damage turfgrass. This includes a wide range of insects such as northern and southern masked chafers (Cyclocephala borealis, C. immaculata, C. lurida), the Asiatic garden beetle (Maladera castanea), the European chafer (Rhizotrogus majalis), the Green June beetle (Cotinus nitida), May or June beetles (Phyllophaga spp.), the Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica), the Oriental beetle (Anomala orientalis), the sugarcane beetle (Euetheola humilis rugiceps), the annual bluegrass weevil (Listronotus maculicollis), the Black turfgrass ataenius (Ataenius spretulus), Aphodius spp., crane flies (Tipula spp.), and mole crickets (Scapteriscus spp.). This product is designed for application on a variety of turfgrass settings, including residential lawns, school and nursing home grounds, municipal areas, business complexes, shopping centers, golf courses, airports, churches, cemeteries, parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, and sod farms. Its broad-spectrum efficacy makes it an essential tool for maintaining healthy, pest-free turf across diverse landscapes.

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