17-0-3 Fertilizer with Grubout Plus


This product is available in a 50 lb. bag.

The Andersons GrubOut Plus Lawn Food 17-0-3 combines fertilizer and insecticide, effectively nourishing the turf and protecting it against a wide array of pests including grubs, ants, and beetles, among others. Ideal for use before pest hatching and safe for various grass types and landscaped areas, this versatile, made-in-the-USA product ensures a healthy, pest-free lawn throughout the growing season.




The Andersons GrubOut Plus Lawn Food 17-0-3 is a multifunctional product that serves as both a fertilizer and an insecticide, offering a convenient solution for lawn care. With just a single application, it not only nourishes the turf but also protects it from a wide range of pests including grubs, ants, mole crickets, beetles, mites, chinch bugs, and more. It is most effective when used prior to the pests’ hatching period, although it can be applied at any time during the growing season to maintain a healthy and pest-free lawn. This product is safe for a variety of grass types such as Kentucky bluegrass, bentgrass, fescue, ryegrass, bahia, bermuda, carpetgrass, centipede, St. Augustine, zoysia, buffalograss, and kikuyugrass, as well as landscaped areas, making it a versatile option for different lawn care needs. Proudly made in the USA, the Andersons GrubOut Plus Lawn Food 17-0-3 offers an effective and reliable solution for maintaining lush, green, and pest-free lawns.

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