21-22-4 Fertilizer w/ 0.08% Mesotrione Herbicide


This product is available in a 40 lb. bag.

This unique blend of starter fertilizer and Mesotrione herbicide is perfect for new turf establishment, renovation, or overseeding, targeting grassy and broadleaf weeds while promoting quick seedling growth. The 21-22-4 Fertilizer contains Mesotrione in 135 SGN granules for exceptional coverage, ensuring up to 6.5 particles per square inch, far surpassing the coverage of standard products. This guarantees a uniform mix of fertilizer and herbicide across the turf, enhancing performance.




This innovative product merges the benefits of a high-quality starter fertilizer with the weed-controlling power of Mesotrione herbicide, making it an exceptional choice for turf establishment, renovation, or overseeding projects. The combination aims to suppress a variety of grassy and broadleaf weeds, providing an optimal environment for seedling germination and rapid turf establishment. The 21-22-4 Fertilizer with Mesotrione features homogeneous 135 SGN granules designed for superior coverage, offering up to 6.5 particles per square inch at the typical application rate. This is significantly higher than the coverage provided by standard large particle combination products, which deliver less than 2 particles per square inch. Such enhanced particle coverage ensures a more uniform application of both the fertilizer and herbicide components, leading to outstanding performance and healthier, weed-free turf.

Mesotrione stands out in the weed control market with its unparalleled spectrum of action against both pre and post-emergence grassy and broadleaf weeds. Derived from a naturally occurring compound, Mesotrione works by inhibiting photosynthesis in susceptible weed species. It is absorbed through the roots, shoots, and leaves, leading to the destruction of chlorophyll and the bleaching of susceptible weeds, typically within a week of application. This process effectively kills weeds while allowing the desirable turf to recover and flourish over several weeks. Among the primary weeds targeted by Mesotrione are crabgrass, yellow woodsorrel, chickweed, buckhorn plantain, hairy bittercress, dandelion, and clover, making it a critical tool for establishing and maintaining pristine turf areas.

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